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At Turnkey Decks we are committed to providing both building excellence and value for money for our customers. That’s why at Turnkey Decks we don’t build great value decks or build excellent decks, we only build excellent decks for great value.

We have a commitment to providing and supplying quality materials that are preferably sustainably harvested because we don’t think our decks should cost the Earth. In line with our sustainability objectives, we have a focus and commitment of only using Australian hardwoods or compliant foreign species. 

Our product ordering model ensures that we always try to out-compete the national hardware chains when sourcing products like decking and sub-frame materials. 

Why use Turnkey? You could always do this yourself, right? Yes! However, unapproved structures and near-enough-is-good-enough DIY additions often end up costing far more than the perceived savings when property resales come around. And then there is the risk of uninsured and unlicensed constructions. 

Before we start work and before you pay a cent, we will provide you with a written contract and customer service agreement – so that you will know exactly what it will cost from start to finish – a record of materials and agreed finishes, as well as timelines and milestone events.

Feel free to contact us or visit our blog

Company Name: Turnkey Creations Pty Ltd

Contact Name: Frank Walmsley and Nick Constable
Website: http://www.turnkeydecks.com.au/
Email ID: service@turnkeydecks.com.au
Address: GPO Box 2265 Canberra City
ACT 2602
Phone: 1300 979 658
Fax: 1300 979 657